The Brief: To design an identity and promotional collateral for a virtual reality gaming experience which was to tour around shopping centre venues across the UK. So far so good…

The Challenge: The identity was to be relevant to a target audience of males and females, with an age range of 5 to 45 years.

We would not find out what types of games would be featured until after all the artwork had been designed and produced, so they could range from driving games, space-themed, sports games etc.

Also…the identity had to be flexible enough to be adapted to fit in with the core branding of the different shopping centres that the experience would be visiting.

The brief included naming and copywriting as well as visual branding for the gaming pods and associated collateral.

Our Solution: The Fantasmapod

We were keen to find a way to communicate the excitement of the VR experience in a 2D treatment, and animation was also not a medium open to us. So we focused on creating a sense of virtual reality, playing with perception of shifting depth and 3-dimensionality and the energy and vibrancy associated with gaming.

The identity was to be applied to the pods themselves, as well as digital and physical promotional collateral.