Looking to the future…

The Mall Walthamstow are in the process of planning some very exciting developments for the future – for the shopping centre itself and the surrounding area and local community. To celebrate that fact, they commissioned us to create a timeline installation for a wall just inside the main entrance.

The challenge we faced was how to highlight key milestones in the centre’s history to date in a fun and engaging way, but also allow for additional milestones to be added in the future.

Our solution was to create a vibrant mural depicting the centres history in an abstract way, along a winding timeline with the milestones as modular flyouts from the central timeline path. Diamond-shaped “ripples” radiate out from the key events indicating how they have impacted not just on the shopping centre itself, but have also had beneficial knock-on effects for the wider community and Walthamstow as a whole.

We created templates for giant stickers replicating the milestone formats so that the onsite marketing team can continue to add key events to the timeline in the future.