Best Awards winners 2018

One of the most eagerly anticipated bookmarks in my design events calendar is the announcement of the winners of the Best Awards – the New Zealand design industry oscars.

New Zealand has always punched way above its’ weight in terms of the creative industries, and browsing the winners each year never fails to reveal some remarkable and inspirational work.


One of the things that impressed me most this year more than any other, at least in the graphic categories, is the sense of place and identity that runs through so much of the work here. There is a connection to the land and to the cultural heritage which, without nostalgia or cliché is expressed in many different ways, but somehow always feels unmistakably Kiwi. After the John Key New Zealand flag debacle it is so refreshing to see the design industry finding creative expressions of national identity which are progressive, diverse and innovative.


Here are just a few examples that I have pulled out from the graphic categories winners – check out the rest at

As a sidenote, it is also a real pleasure to see so many new agencies in the winners list. While I have always considered Alt Group to be one of the most creative and innovative design agencies on the planet, it is great to see their stranglehold on the awards list loosening slightly!