As a Brentford-based business, we were delighted to be asked by London Borough of Hounslow to design the creative approach for their “Welcome Back” campaign, to be launched on the site of a recently vacated bank building on Brentford High Street.

The council approached us with a brief to create a campaign which will welcome people back to town centres, and provide a boost for local businesses by promoting a Shop Local message.

Retail on Brentford High street has suffered significantly over the past few years, not just because of the impact of the Covid-19 lockdown measures or 2020-2021, but also as a result of the demolition of the South side of the high street as part of a major private development.

Our concern was that any “Shop Local” messaging would be met with a backlash from local residents who have been frustrated by the loss of many of their High Street shops.

Our solution was to create a campaign which celebrates the things that make Brentford such a fabulous pace to live, including of course the businesses which are still open, but to focus on their role as part of the overall Brentford community and lifestyle.

Businesses including: cafés, bakeries, pubs and restaurants, hair and beauty salons, arts centre, museums and galleries, gyms and swimming pool, and of course, Brentford Football Club.

But we also wanted to celebrate the other features that enrich life in Brentford: The river and canals, the parks, the fountains where the children play in Summer, the Sunday market.