The curse of “Design Bullshit”

I read a great article in Design Week this week, bemoaning the fact that jargon and bullshit are getting in the way of people understanding and valuing design. It reminded me of our own mantra, on the homepage of our website…We don’t hide behind industry jargon… we create design.   That works.

In his article, John Spencer makes a number of amusing and insightful observations and gives some hilarious examples of design bullshit.

But the main point of the article is actually quite a serious one – that bullshit and jargon actually obscure the meaning and understanding of design, alienating its’ audience and neutralising its’ effectiveness.

Our job as designers is to assist communication. If we wrap visual solutions in jargon and verbal diarrhoea we neutralise the effectiveness of that communication.

The article quotes author and former creative director Dave Trott, who sums it up neatly: “We can either use language to invite people into a conversation, or we can use language to keep people out. And that’s what jargon is designed to do, keep people out.”


John Spencer: “There’s no bullshit like design bullshit”