We offer a comprehensive, strategically driven branding and brand communications service, covering all areas of brand expression.

But we have a particular focus on

  • Brand positioning and identity
  • Environmental and spatial branding
  • Communications and marketing

We work with clients from all industry sectors, from charities and social enterprises to property developers and global financial institutions. But all our clients have a common vision – to use design effectively to add an element of magic to the way that people experience their brand.

Brand positioning and identity

We help our clients to define their brand purpose – the core values, their brand vision and mission.

We create a personality and tone of voice built around that purpose, and a strategy for how that personality can be expressed across all the key touchpoints that form the interactions between them and their customers, clients, staff and stakeholders.

We help to create the framework through which our clients take their brand to the world, and through which the world experiences their brand.

Environmental and spatial branding

We are passionate about the value of environmental branding – how a brand’s values and personality are expressed through the built environment and surrounding spaces. We also believe wholeheartedly in the potential for branding in general but in particular environmental branding to play a positive role in improving everyday life and helping to build stonger communities and businesses and more engaging and productive experiences and destinations.

We enable our clients to create meaningful and memorable experiences for their audiences and customers through their physical environment and through the tangible ways that they interact with their brand.

We apply creative branding strategies to help spaces and buildings to become places and destinations with meaning and value both to our clients and to the people who use those places.


Communications and marketing

We understand that the word must get out!

For our clients to build lasting relationships and engagements with their customers and stakeholders they have to speak with them in a way that they understand and that fits in with how they live their lives.

Through print, outdoor and digital, TV, experiential and radio we start conversations and spread the word – but always with a view to support the goals and ambitions of the longer-term branding strategy.