Standing with Ukraine

As Putin’s war against Ukraine continues, the world is looking on at the remarkable courage and resilience of the Ukrainian people and army. Designers in Ukraine have also been rising to the cause and producing powerful imagery to support the resistance.

A collection of printable visuals is available here Stand with Ukraine website with English language versions here Visuals for Foreign Friends

In the words of Katerina Korolevtsev  a graphic designer who lives and works in Ukraine”

Ukrainian designers and creatives are fighting Russian misinformation and conveying our messages to the West. Many of us are doing this while sitting in shelters and basements. Including me.
We are doing this to support Ukrainians, to support our faith and strength, and to support our heroes – the Armed Forces of Ukraine. We do this so that the truth is heard. And also for country leaders across Europe, the USA, and NATO to hear us.

Here are a just a few.