In 2019 Hounslow’s Great West Creatives won their bid to become one of the first of six London Boroughs to become part of the Creative Enterprise Scheme. The scheme was launched by the Mayor of London to support the development of the creative industries in specific areas of London.

Simon Inc created the identity, branding and marketing for the scheme, and renamed it “Creative Enterprise West”

The Identity we designed was centred around a core logo featuring a nine-sided shape called a nonagon. It is divided into nine segments, with each segment representing one of the nine disciplines identified in the DCMS official category definition of the Creative Industries.

We also created a strapline to use in marketing: Boundless innovation, limitless opportunity.

Hounslow’s bid focused on its strength as a centre for the broadcast and digital sector, and for its’ unique combination of global creative industry giants, such a Disney, Sky, Sega and a wealth of smaller, independent creative businesses, entrepreneurs and practitioners.

We applied the visual branding across a marketing campaign aimed at attracting creative sector agencies into the Creative Enterprise West, and challenging the perception that other parts of London are more naturally “home” to the creative sector. Using the acronym CREW the campaign focused on being “in the CREW” as the perfect location for Creative businesses.

Within the Zone itself, we applied the branding to signage, wayfinding, and ambient environmental graphics, helping to create a sense of place and a coherent visual language to connect the various venues and events businesses together.

The full branding and marketing system was documented as a digital brand guidelines website

The images used on this web page are all placeholders used to develop the styling of the layouts in advance of the project going live. As the CREW programme develops, we will be commissioning photography from participating agencies to populate the layouts.