Inspire Hounslow, a charity which provides funding for other charities, came to Simon Inc looking for a fresh new brand identity.


Inspire Hounslow provides funding for initiatives and charities within Hounslow which work to improve the lives of disadvantaged young people. They needed a new approach to their branding which would reflect the nature of the work that they do, the organisations that they work with, and help them to raise their profile and catch the attention of new clients. A new identity which portrays them as the vibrant, energetic, progressive charity that they are.

Their existing branding and collateral was dull and the very opposite of inspiring.

We took a lead for the new brand identity from the idea of the spark of inspiration, and a quote from Emmet Fox: “Never ignore a tiny spark, it could start a wildfire.” which we felt perfectly encapsulates the work that Inspire Hounslow help to fund.

We wanted to create an identity that would reflect the types of projects that Inspire hounslow were helping to fund, but at the same time would also reflect the fact that they are a serious funding body with a professional agenda.

Our solution included creating an identity featuring a stylised, hand-painted spark icon, combined with a customised stencil logotype.

We also looked at their strapline: “Helping people to help themselves”. It felt a bit over-used, and we thought that there were negative connotations to “Help Themselves”. The new line we created for them was “Generating Opportunity for the Next Generation”, which perfectly describes the nature of their work.

We worked with them to help them develop a tone of voice and way of speaking about themselves that reflects their personality and point of difference, in a way that resonates with the organisations that they are funding.

The identity was applied across a suite of corporate stationery, templates for marketing and communications collateral, including flyers, brochures and an annual report.

We also completely redesigned their website and other online platforms.