London Borough of Hounslow asked us to create the branding for their ambitious multi-million pound housing estate regeneration programme. They wanted something that broke the mould of marketing and comms for council housing departments and set a new benchmark for design for social housing.

And they needed it within 5 weeks.

We created Reneighbouring Hounslow.

Our brief was to challenge the perception of council housing as a cut price, or last resort option for people, and instead to create an expression of unique identity that reflects their commitment to creating high quality, well designed housing for their residents, without resorting to imitating a typical property developer’s approach.

The solution we created launches the programme with a new name: Reneighbouring Hounslow: Estate Regeneration, immediately creating a warm, people-focussed approach through a name which, although featuring a made-up verb, really requires no explaining. We took the Re of Reneighbouring and Regenerating and designed a striking monogram logo, which is simultaneously robust and elegant. The addition of the backslash adds a sense of dynamism, optimism and energy, and gives it a sense of being a complete, self-contained mark.

Breaking apart the monogram gave us a palette of bold geometric shapes, which we used as the starting point for creating a graphic language which be used in many different ways across a wide range of collateral.

We introduced a people-centred approach to imagery to help to engage the existing residents, concentrating on reflecting the diversity of the people who live in the estates, and portraying them with a real sense of value, optimism and positivity.

A reflection of the emotional benefit that living as part of a thriving community within well designed, well built housing can bring to all the residents.

We also designed a system for creating sub-brands for each of the six estates that are part of the regeneration programme, featuring the estate name, the neighbourhood that it is in and an abridged version of the RE logo

The images used on this web page are all placeholders used to develop the styling of the layouts in advance of the project going live. As the Reneighbouring Programme develops, we will be commissioning photography of the residents of the estates to populate the layouts.