We helped West London charity Spark! to reposition and redesign their website to make it more engaging and more relevant to their two target markets of young people in education and local businesses and employers.

Spark! already had a website, which had been live since 2011, but it did not connect visually or in terms of its content with the two target groups.

We conducted workshops with their staff and key stakeholders, and with some of the businesses and young people who they had worked with in the past.

The outcomes of those workshops painted a picture of a very personal and people-focussed organisation, driven by building relationships and delivering really personalised and targeted solutions.

We redesigned the website from the ground up, redefining the architecture and the key content areas, and creating a site which is based on conveying the personality of the organisation and placing an emphasis on building relationships and delivering a truly personalised but 100% professional service.

We wrote a full tone of voice guide, and included that with all the visual elements into a full digital style guide for Spark! website.